Privacy is key in investments and tokens because financial systems function better when assets are fungible and can trade in a frictionless manner. The project should seek to strengthen privacy in any way possible as future technological improvements are made.

As capabilities like messaging, assets, and rewards are added, privacy will be preserved in the same way that UTXO based cryptocurrencies separate identity from public addresses.

“Since we desire privacy, we must ensure that each party to a transaction have knowledge only of that which is directly necessary for that transaction. Since any information can be spoken of, we must ensure that we reveal as little as possible. In most cases personal identity is not salient. When my identity is revealed by the underlying mechanism of the transaction, I have no privacy. I cannot here selectively reveal myself; I must always reveal myself.

“Therefore, privacy in an open society requires anonymous transaction systems. Until now, cash has been the primary such system. An anonymous transaction system is not a secret transaction system. An anonymous system empowers individuals to reveal their identity when desired and only when desired; this is the essence of privacy.”